New Tax Code: What You Need To Know About Real Estate Pass-Through Deductions

Let’s quickly discuss how the new tax code affects real estate professionals. The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act of 2017 created a 20 percent tax deduction for some types of pass through businesses.  However, certain professionals — like attorneys, consultants, financial advisors, and brokerage services — were limited in their ability to use the deduction. […]

Fraudulent Tax Deductions: Can I Go To Jail?

When auditors discover fraudulent tax deductions they asses hefty fines — and in the most egregious cases pursue criminal charges. Fraudulent Tax Deductions: Overstatements Sometimes called “padding,” typical overstating deductions tactics include claiming charitable donations, deductions for dependents, and business losses that don’t qualify per IRS guidelines. The IRS can also charge parties who overstate […]

Cryptocurrency Audit

Are you facing a cryptocurrency audit? Turn to the original crypto tax lawyers to guide you through!

Criminal Tax Attorney

Criminal Tax Attorney Is the IRS breathing down your neck? Our skilled criminal tax attorneys have guided many clients safely through an IRS investigation, and we can do the same for you. The IRS is a ruthless opponent; make sure you have the strongest possible defense on your side. SCHEDULE MY CONSULTATION Meet our criminal […]

Tax Fraud Lawyer

Tax Fraud Lawyer Don’t let fear of a tax fraud investigation keep you up at night! With the help of our aggressive tax fraud lawyers, you can achieve favorable results or even avoid a criminal investigation altogether. We’ll fight tirelessly to protect your rights, your assets, and your peace of mind. SCHEDULE MY CONSULTATION Meet […]

What is the Virtual Currency Tax Fairness Act? Will it Help You?

New year, new tax responsibilities. For crypto holders, it’s time to tally your gains and losses and determine what you owe the  IRS. And with tax season comes new crypto tax law proposals, like the Virtual Currency Tax Fairness Act. House of Representatives Mulling Over Crypto Tax “Fairness Act” Under current law, every time crypto […]

5 Legal Considerations for Your Illinois Startup

It’s time to get your Illinois startup off the ground. So let’s look at five legal considerations with which you need to familiarize yourself.  Formal Business Registration Makes a Big Difference A lot of startups don’t register their companies, and it’s a mistake. Formal registration, like  forming an LLC with your state, affords you certain […]