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Our law firm regularly works with Amazon sellers. Do you need help expunging a fake review or dealing with a counterfeiter? Debating the best way to register your Amazon operation? Maybe you need help sorting cross-border taxes for your FBA business. Whichever the case, we're ready to guide you safely through the e-commerce legal maze.

Amazon Seller Legal Issue: Fake Reviews

Ask any Amazon seller: Ratings are paramount! And cultivating quality ratings is an essential arrow in the FBA marketing quiver.

Moreover, on Amazon, a seller's ASR, or Amazon Sales Rank, is largely dependent on their review status.

In other words: Product reviews affect every Amazon seller's bottom line.

The Federal Trade Commission has a zero-tolerance stance on fake and paid reviews. Part of the commission's job is to scrub the marketplace of bad actors, and it sees phony reviews as textbook online marketing fraud.

Fake review victims have several regulations at their disposal to stop competitors, including: trade libel and defamation statutes, Section 5 of the FTC Act, the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act, the Lanham Act, state intellectual property laws, and tortious interference laws.

Amazon Seller Legal Issue: FTC Disclosures and Guidelines

The Federal Trade Commission is the nation's consumer watchdog and responsible for punishing parties that dabble in unfair and deceptive marketing, including e-commerce and marketing trickery.

Our team works with businesses and individuals under investigation by the FTC. In fact, we've won against the FTC.

Amazon Seller Legal Issue: IP and Counterfeiting

Amazon sellers must deal with various intellectual property matters. Do you need assistance copyrighting and trademarking promotional materials or litigating against infringing competitors? Whether you need assistance with a "hijacked" page or a lawyer to advise on compliance, we're here to help.

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