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Crypto law topic: FBAR and FACTA

Are Cryptocurrencies Foreign Assets?

Is cryptocurrency a foreign asset? In this blog post we answer the question and explain how FBAR and FACTA affect cryptocurrency holdings.

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Esports Law Topic: Labor Law Considerations for teams and athletes

Esports Labor Law Considerations

Every esports team and athlete should familiarize themselves with labor laws on the local, state, and federal levels. Non-compliance could prove expensive.

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ICO Law topic: class action lawsuit example

Deconstructing an ICO Class Action

Initial coin offerings are becoming more popular. As a result, ICO lawsuits are also on the rise. In this post, we go over a typical ICO lawsuit.

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crypto law topic: illegal mining

Illegal Mining in Hong Kong Can Lead To Jail

Hong Kong is an ICO hot spot. But startups looking to incorporate there should be aware of the regulatory atmosphere. Especially crypto mining companies.

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e-commerce law topic: fictitious pricing

Can You Be Sued For “Fictitious Pricing”

E-commerce Law Topic: Can you be sued for keeping an item on sale permanently. Believe it or not, you can! And it happens more than you think.

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last minute tax tips

Last Minute
Tax Tips and Help

Tax time is right around the corner! Only a few days left. If you're still scrambling to get it done, click through for some business tax tips for 2018 filings.

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Cryptocurrency Law: two new crypto federal bill proposals

Two New Blockchain Bills Land In The Hopper

Two congressman have introduced legislation that, if passed, will result in two new studies focused on the blockchain and cryptocurrency industries.

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Tax Law: Elon Musk talks California software tax viability

Elon Musk Questions Cali Tech Tax

A Tesla owner chastised the company on Twitter about a software tax. Elon Musk responded. Jump in to learn what the hub-bub is all about.

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Offshore Incorporation Considerations

Offshore Incorporation: Three Considerations

Are you thinking of incorporating your business offshore? Jump in for an overview of things to consider before moving your business offshore.

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