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Financial Law: Asset Protection Law

How to Preserve Your Wealth Before a Lawsuit

Having offshore accounts and trusts is not against the law, and many people use them to protect their assets. After the jump we review twp popular methods.

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Tax Law Blog: unreported income

What Happens If I’ve Failed To Report Income?

Failing to report income can result in severe penalties. You must account for all income and it is rare for the IRS to waive penalties on unreported gains.

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Tax Lawyer Blog: Beyond a Reasonable Doubt Tax Crimes

What must the government prove to establish my guilt?

Sometimes, tax controversies rise to the criminal level. But it does take more than just negligence to get thrown in jail for tax crimes.

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FTC Law Blog: Tech Support Scams

The Recent Crackdown on Tech Support Scams

Tech support scams are becoming more and more prevalent. In this blog post, we review some common scams and how to prevent them.

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tax law blog: fraudulent tax deductions

Fraudulent Tax Deductions: Can I Go To Jail?

What happens if you make fraudulent tax deductions? The IRS can hit you with hefty fines and even throw you in jail for a few years.

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Tax Law Blog: Offers in Compromise Tax Reduction

Offers in Compromise: Reduce Your Tax Debt

The IRS isn't a malevolent ogre. The agency does understand that people fall on hard times and offers programs to help reduce past tax debt.

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Illinois Tax Lawyer: Audit Red Flags

Red Flags That Increase the Chances of a Tax Audit

The Internal Revenue Service audits a certain number of individuals a year. Some people are more likely to be targeted than others.

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Tax Law: Private Debt Collectors

Private Debt Collectors May Be Calling About Taxes

Ostensibly to cut down on administrative costs, politicians passed a law that allows certain private debt collectors to go after past due taxes.

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Chicago Law Blog: OVDP Lawyer

Getting Compliant with the OVDP

Parties with overseas bank accounts and financial holdings can't just brush it under the proverbial carpet and hope the IRS doesn't notice.

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