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Do you have some cryptocurrency tax law questions? You’ve come to the right place.

Yes, you must declare digital currency gains and losses on tax returns.

Our team helps digital currency investors and blockchain businesses with tax planning and compliance. Experienced and discreet, our firm’s attorneys understand how to leverage every credit, deduction, offshore, and gifting opportunity to ensure compliance while maintaining the best possible profit position.

Below are some articles addressing digital currency tax matters. We hope you find them useful. If you can’t find the answer to your question, by all means: Get in touch.

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Tax Law: Cyrpto tax

Lawmakers Hound IRS About Crypto Tax

Several lawmakers have sent a letter to the Internal Revenue Service requesting additional clarification regarding cryptocurrency tax matters.

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cryptocurrency lawyer: Investing in Opportunity Act

Investing in Opportunity Act

The Investing in Opportunity Act is a super tax-reduction strategy for cryptocurrency investors. Jump in to learn more about the program.

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international crypto options

Int'l Crypto: Fintech-Friendly Liechtenstein

Liechtenstein enjoys a long business-friendly tradition. And now the European nation is getting in on the cryptocurrency and blockchain industry.

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offshore cryptocurrency options

Malta and Bermuda May Save You Millions

In this article, we explore two overseas crypto-friendly jurisdictions: Bermuda and Malta. The Gordon Law Group regularly works with token investors.

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Chicago business lawyer blog: re-classifying business under new tax law

Should I Re-Classify My Business as a C Corp?

There's a new tax code and town. So, you may want to reconsider your business classification. Click through to read about the new percentages.

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cryptocurrency law: FBAR considerations

Must You Declare Foreign Crypto Holdings?

A lot of people have been asking: Must I declare crypto holdings sitting in overseas exchanges and wallets? Jump in to explore the issue.

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Cryptocurrency Law: Illinois Bitcoin Tax

Illinois Cryptocurrency: Pay Your Taxes With Bitcoin?

Cryptocurrencies are taking the financial world by storm, and now some states, like Illinois, are looking at ways to leverage virtual currencies.

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Tax and Internet Law Blog: cryptocurrency tax write-offs

Crypto Tax Write-Offs and “Trader” Status

With the new federal tax code in place, people are wondering: "What cryptocurrency tax write-offs can I take; should I become a trader to save?"

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Cryptocurrency lawyer

Cryptocurrency Tax Law: An FAQ

In this blog post, we will review a few fundamental cryptocurrency tax legalities. If you need a Bitcoin tax lawyer, get in touch!

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