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The Gordon Law Group works with individuals, entrepreneurs, and businesses in the blockchain and fintech space. And as an industry consultant, we regularly advise on initial coin offerings.

We’ll help you: choose the best jurisdiction to incorporate; structure your ICO so it complies with local, federal, and international regulations; develop a plan to leverage available deductions, credits, gifting, and donation tactics to keep as much money in your coffers as possible, while remaining compliant.

Below is a compilation of articles about various fintech, cryptocurrency, and blockchain legal issues. Please have a look through. We hope they include answers to some of your ICO law questions. If you want to speak with an ICO lawyer, get in touch anytime. The risk free consultation is on us.

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ICO Law: Is my ICO a security Howey Test

Howey Test: Figuring Out If Your Token Is A Security

The Howey Test is the standard judges use to determine if an ICO qualifies as a security under SEC rules. Click for a plain-English overview of the rule.

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ICO Law: Blockvest Reversal

Are All ICOs Securities According to the SEC?

In an unexpected announcement, the Blockvest judge reversed his ruling. The decision clarifies ICO law and the parameters for crypto securities.

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ICO Law blog post

ICO Law: SEC Says Find A Crypto-Competent Attorney

The Securities and Exchange Commission issued another clarifying crypto memo at the end of 2018. Let's take a look at the takeaways.

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ICO Law: SEC lost in court

SEC Lost In ICO Lawsuit: Overview and Legal Help

The Securities and Exchange Commission doesn't always win its' ICO investigation cases. Jump in for an example and an ICO lawyer contact.

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Cryptocurrency Law: SEC update

Blockchain and Crypto Law Update

We work with individual investors, startups, and established businesses in the crypto and blockchain markets. Jump in for an industry legal news update.

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Cryptocurrency Law: New French crypto-friendly regulations

France Is Courting
Crypto, Too!

Many countries are interested in attracting cryptocurrency and blockchain startups. France is the latest country to jump in the ring with crypto-friendly laws.

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Crypto Lawyer: ICO Tips

Quick Tips From An ICO Lawyer

Initial coin offerings are often subject to various local, state, federal, and international regulations. Jump in for some ICO launch legal tips.

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Cryptocurrency Law: FinCen Regulations

Are FinCen Crypto Regulations Coming?

FinCen is a treasury department concerned with financial crime. Is it about to unveil its own set of cryptocurrency regulations? Let's take a look.

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FinCen cryptocurrency regulations

FinCen Cryptocurrency Regulations?

Both the Internal Revenue Service and the Securities and Exchange Commissions have regulatory authority over crypto. But what about FinCen?

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