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Illinois Medical Marijuana Market Open for Business

Illinois medical marijuana lawyerSeems like a long time coming, but the day has arrived: Illinois medical marijuana program is up and running. Last week, patients got their medical ID cards, and the Department of Agriculture authorized growers to ship their product to dispensaries around the state.

Illinois Medical Marijuana Law: Licensed Dispensaries

The new medicine will be sold at licensed facilities:

  1. The Clinic in Mundelein;
  2. Salveo Health & Wellness in Cantonl;
  3. Herbal Remedies in Quincy;
  4. EarthMed in Addison; and
  5. Three PharmaCannis dispensaries in North Aurora, Schaumburg, and Ottawa.

In November, another dispensary, PDI Medical, will open in Buffalo Grove.

Illinois Medical Marijuana Law: Good Start; Miles To Grow

And though Illinois’ medical cannabis program marks a historic policy shift away from the inflexibility of prohibition, there is still a long way to go.

For one thing, opponents have criticized the program for unduly restricting patient access to the plant. Due to restrictions, only people with severe illnesses like cancer, glaucoma, MS, or fibrous dysplasia, to name a few, can enlist. People with severely debilitating conditions, like post-traumatic stress disorder and osteoarthritis, remain ineligible, despite evidence of the plant’s effectiveness in alleviating such conditions. (See: Cannabinoid receptors and the regulation of bone mass. Bab, I., Ofek, O., Tam, J., Rehnelt, J. and Zimmer, A. (2008); Endocannabinoids and the Regulation of Bone Metabolism. Journal of Neuroendocrinology, 20: 69–74. )

Furthermore, eligible patients must undergo intensive criminal background screenings, making the Illinois medical marijuana application far more rigorous than other states.

Will the tiny size of the market hurt it? Time will tell. And ultimately, it’s up to Governor Rauner to approve future recommendations of additional qualifying conditions from the state’s Medical Cannabis Advisory Board.

Are You A Medical Marijuana Business That Needs Some Legal Assistance?

Here’s hoping that the Illinois medical marijuana program can alleviate the state’s budget crisis.

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New Buffalo Grove Dispensary Marks Chicago Suburbs’ Medical Marijuana Debut

Illinois medical marijuana lawThis November, Medical Marijuana will make its debut in the Chicago suburbs with the opening of a new Buffalo Grove dispensary on 1623 Barclay Blvd.

Buffalo Grove Medical Marijuana Dispensary

Owned by Professional Dispensaries of Illinois (“PDI”), the facility is run by impressively credentialed company seeking to set high standards for the budding industry. It’s employing a pharmacist and pioneering a partnership with the local PD. Illinois doesn’t require pharmacists for the distribution of medical Marijuana.  As a result, both of PDI’s moves exceed state-mandated quality control and safety standards. Additionally, PDI’s security and confidentiality protocols exceed regulations set forth by the state’s Medical Cannabis Pilot Program.

Illinois Medical Marijuana Program: Growth Phase On The Horizon?

PDI chose an opportune launch time because the Illinois medical Marijuana market may soon expand.

On October 7, 2015, the Illinois Medical Cannabis Advisory Board recommended eight new qualifying conditions for its medical marijuana program. Patients remain hopeful even though Governor Rauner rejected several last month. If lawmakers approve the eight new conditions, it will enlarge Illinois’ medical marijuana market.

Buffalo Grove officials have welcomed the dispensary’s opening, as it’s likely to yield significant tax revenue. Additionally, the business will likely  garner positive press for the village as an early-adopter within the promising new industry.

Need Legal Advice For Your Illinois Medical Marijuana Business?

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