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Tax Debt Settlements

Tax Law: Business Credits

IRS Clarifies Changes To Revised Business Tax Credits

The Internal Revenue Service published clarifications about some new and revised business tax credits. Jump in to learn more about the important changes.

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Tax Law: Illinois tax lowering tips

Illinois Tax Lawyer Talks Strategies To Lower Taxes

Let's talk about lowering your taxes. In this post, Illinois tax lawyer Andrew Gordon reviews some hints and tips for reducing your tax liability.

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Help with Illinois Department of Revenue

Stop Illinois Department of Revenue Collection

Is the Illinois Department of Revenue on your case about back taxes? In this post we discuss the IDOR's collection tactics and possible solutions.

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Chicago Lawyer: Audit Appeals

Appealing An
IRS Audit

Audit agents aren't infallible. They, too, mess up on occasion. If you feel your audit produced the wrong results, you can submit an IRS appeal.

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Illinois Department of Revenue Debt

Do you have an outstanding Illinois Department of Revenue debt? Don't panic; we're here to help. Jump in to learn more about your options.

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The Road to
Tax Lien Relief

If a tax lien is imposed for failing to file a tax return or pay income taxes, the IRS offers relief through its Fresh Start Program.

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Requirements of an Offer in Compromise

The IRS allows eligible
individuals to settle their federal tax liability with an offer in compromise.

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Hire A Lawyer To Help With An IRS Issue

When facing an IRS audit or settling a tax debt, a tax attorney can provide guidance and assistance on complex issues.

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Tax Law: Late Settlements with the IRS

How Long Does It Take To Settle With The IRS?

Do you owe back taxes? Are you interested in negotiating a settlement with the Internal Revenue Service? If so, how long will it all take? Let's discuss.

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