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Cryptocurrency LawSet Up A Cryptocurreny Affiliate Program

The cryptocurrency community no longer lingers on the fringe. Innovators recognize the potential of blockchain and digital tokens. Hedge funds are diving in, retailers are catching on, and public acceptance is growing.

Recognizing the opportunity, many crypto businesses and exchanges are starting cryptocurrency affiliate programs. Our firm helps companies launch token-centric promotional programs that comply with state, local, and international regulations.

Crypto Affiliate Program Benefits

What's in it for you? Short answer: affordable advertising and brand exposure; not to mention a potential reputation boost. If you run a fair program, you'll likely gain a loyal following of professional promoters who will go above and beyond to market your product.

Why Do Users Like Affiliate Programs?

In a word: cash. Simply put, affiliate programs give bloggers and web operators a way to monetize their websites. And who doesn't want to earn set-it-and-forget-it revenue?

Why Do Brands Like Affiliate Programs?

As we're sure you've noticed, it's a media-saturated world out there. Advertisements are ubiquitous, and competition is fierce. To stand out from the crowd, many businesses have amplified their exposure through affiliate campaigns. If done correctly, companies find that partnership promotional programs boost bottom lines.

How Do Affiliate Programs Work?

Affiliate programs come in many shapes and sizes. Some are commission-based, others are paid out on a click-rate calculation. Our team will review your business model and advise on the most profitable route for your location, revenue flow, and product offerings.

Affiliate Program Legal Considerations

Once they're up, most affiliate programs run smoothly and don't require an abundance of resources to maintain. However, improperly implemented programs, which don't comply with various regulations, can lead to substantial legal problems.

That's where we come in. Our affiliate marketing legal team works with businesses on:

  1. Contract drafting and negotiations;
  2. FCC, FTC, IRS, and SEC compliance;
  3. International regulatory considerations;
  4. Marketing and advertising compliance;
  5. Tax positioning and more.

Our firm supports several practices: cryptocurrency, Internet law, tax law, and online marketing — making us the ideal choice for any website or business in want of a cryptocurrency affiliate program.