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Tax Law: Tax Benefits of Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico Tax Haven: Best For Internet Businesses

Looking for an ideal jurisdiction to move your online-based business? Seriously consider Puerto Rico. The tax benefits are significant for certain companies.

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Can I Just Pay the IRS and Close the Audit?

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FTC files Suit Against ISO, Merchant Processor – FTC v. Electronic Payment Solutions of America, Inc., et al.

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Marketing Law: Negative Option Marketing

FTC Cracks Down On Negative Option Marketing

The Federal Trade Commission is responsible for policing marketing campaigns, and one thing they don't allow is negative option marketing schemes.

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Tax Law: Will an audit affect my credit score

Does An IRS Audit Impact My Credit Score? [infographic]

Can an IRS audit affect your credit score. It's not a simple "yes or no" answer. After the jump, we explain the relationships between audits and credit.

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Chicago Law Blog: Tax Law Help

The IRS Found My Foreign Holdings: Now What?

If you have money or material holdings in a foreign country, the IRS wants to know about it. And if you don't tell, the consequences can be catastrophic.

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Is my IRS tax debt public?

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Financial Law: Asset Protection Law

How to Preserve Your Wealth Before a Lawsuit

Having offshore accounts and trusts is not against the law, and many people use them to protect their assets. After the jump we review twp popular methods.

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Tax Law Blog: unreported income

What Happens If I’ve Failed To Report Income?

Failing to report income can result in severe penalties. You must account for all income and it is rare for the IRS to waive penalties on unreported gains.

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