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Proudly, our tax law team has earned “rising star” status 3 years running from Lawyers Magazine. We understand the ins-and-outs of the field, and perhaps most importantly, are creative problem solvers who know how to save you money.

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Tax Law: California's New Online Sales Tax

Overview of California’s New Online Sales Tax

Attention all online retailers: The Golden State has a new online sales and use tax. It applies to all out-of-state sellers who sell into California.

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last minute tax tips

Last Minute
Tax Tips and Help

Tax time is right around the corner! Only a few days left. If you're still scrambling to get it done, click through for some business tax tips for 2018 filings.

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Tax Law: Elon Musk talks California software tax viability

Elon Musk Questions Cali Tech Tax

A Tesla owner chastised the company on Twitter about a software tax. Elon Musk responded. Jump in to learn what the hub-bub is all about.

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Offshore Incorporation Considerations

Offshore Incorporation: Three Considerations

Are you thinking of incorporating your business offshore? Jump in for an overview of things to consider before moving your business offshore.

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Tax Law: Depreciation Deductions

Lower Your Taxes: Depreciation Deductions

The new tax code is ripe with changes, many of which help small business owners. Click through for some new depreciation deduction rules.

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Tax Law: Business Credits

IRS Clarifies Changes To Revised Business Tax Credits

The Internal Revenue Service published clarifications about some new and revised business tax credits. Jump in to learn more about the important changes.

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Tax Law: Small Business Tips

Leverage the New Tax Code And Save

Small companies should work with tax professionals this year. Even though many deductions and credits have disappeared, new options abound.

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ICO Law: SEC v. Kik

Will This SEC v. ICO Case Change The Game?

One of 2018's most successful ICOs, Kik, is in a legal tangle with the SEC. It's a lawsuit that could significantly change the regulatory game.

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Tax Law: FACTA US Canada bank account sharing agreement

FACTA Law: Canada's Sharing Accounts With U.S.

The Canadian and US governments are sharing citizen bank account data. Are you one of the millions affected and will it cost you more in taxes?

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