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Below is a compilation of articles on various tax topics. We cover everything from FBAR to the OVDP, overdue taxes to offshore positioning and debt settlements.

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Tax Law: Fraud and Jail

Can I Go To Jail For Not Paying Taxes?

Can I go to jail for Illinois tax fraud? What about not paying my taxes? After the jump we talk about going to jail for various tax fraud violations.

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Tax and Cryptocurrency Law: IRS Investigations

The IRS Is Laser Focused On Crypto Gains

Tax season is once again upon us, and cryptocurrency investors need to start thinking seriously about how they'll approach their reporting requirements.

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Tax Law: Illinois Investment Opportunity

Incredible Illinois Investment Opportunity

Alongside the new tax law, officials created the opportunity zone program, which they hope will be a win-win for investors and under-performing regions.

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Tax Law: Take advantage of deductions

Is Another Tax Cut
On The Way?

Lawmakers have been whispering about a new tax cut for the middle class. Is it a reality? And what other tax cuts are available to you now?

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Tax Law: Small Business Taxes

Will Small Biz Benefit From The New Tax Code?

Will the new tax code help small businesses? Yes, it looks like small businesses in several sectors will be able to reduce their effective tax rate.

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Tax Law: 20 Percent Pass-Through

IRS Expected To Clarify 20 Percent Pass-Through

The Internal Revenue Service held a hearing about the new 20 percent pass-through rules under the new tax code. What industries may be affected?

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Tax Law: Tax Resolution Service

Tax Lawyer v. Tax Resolution Service

Should you use a tax resolution service or a tax lawyer? After the jump, we'll look the differences between the two and why you need to choose carefully.

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tax law: new deduction for startups

Congress Wants To Give Startups A Boost

Lawmakers in the House of Representatives approved another tax cut bill. This one is intended to help startups and middle-class families.

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Tax Law: Real estate tax deductions

Tax Code: Real Estate Pass-Through Deductions

The new tax code means changes for many folks, including real estate professionals. Can they claim the 20 percent pass-through deduction?

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