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ICO Law: asset class bill

Potentially Game-Changing Federal ICO Bill Introduced

A U.S. lawmaker wants to clear up some cryptocurrency regulatory confusion, so he's introduced a bill that would make ICOs their own asset class.

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esports law: boosting

International Esports: Jail Time For Boosting?

South Korea passed a seemingly draconian law that could affect the esports industry. Jump in to read about it and how it could impact players.

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Cryptocurrency law: G20 crypto tax declaration

International Crypto Tax Standard On The Way?

Leaders of the top 20 economies have turned their attentions towards cryptocurrencies. In 2019, the G20 has vowed to examine the niche more closely.

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ICO Law: SEC lost in court

SEC Lost In ICO Lawsuit: Overview and Legal Help

The Securities and Exchange Commission doesn't always win its' ICO investigation cases. Jump in for an example and an ICO lawyer contact.

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SEC crypto marketing rules

SEC Crypto Marketing: A Case Study

Yes, there are SEC crypto marketing rules and regulations. Jump in as crypto attorney Andrew Gordon looks at an example and gives tips.

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Esports Law: Team Participation Agreements

Esports Law: Team Participation Agreements

Every professional esports athlete must sign a team participation agreement. Jump in to learn more about these contracts and their clauses.

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Cryptocurrency Law: SEC update

Blockchain and Crypto Law Update

We work with individual investors, startups, and established businesses in the crypto and blockchain markets. Jump in for an industry legal news update.

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Internet Law: Cybersquatting Case

Blackhawks Win Cybersquatting Scrimmage

The Chicago Blackhawks haven't owned its namesake domain for many years. Decades, actually. But it does now since winning an Internet law dispute.

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Marketing Law: Suing social media influencers

Can I Sue An Influencer For Under Performing?

Is it possible to sue a social media influencer, whom you've hired to promote a product, for under performing or not delivering new customers?

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