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Affiliate marketing is a booming, lucrative online business market. Over the past decade, the space has grown exponentially, alongside related laws and regulations. Brands and marketers must adhere to the FTC’s federal marketing rules, state regulations, and even international standards.

To help you better wrap your head around affiliate marketing laws, rules, and regulations, we’ve created this resource. If you don’t find the answers to your questions in the material below, give us a call! If you landed here in search of an affiliate marketing lawyer, again, by all means, give us a ring.
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Unfair and deceptive marketing FTC bust

FTC "Unfair and Deceptive" Marketing Bust

The Federal Trade Commission loves to bust companies for "unfair and deceptive" marketing, and they're constantly on the prowl for offenders.

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e-commerce law issue: Amazon Australia Shipping Ban

E-commerce: Ship To Australia? Read This.

Does your e-commerce business ship to Australia? Do you use Amazon? If you answered yes to both of these questions, follow us inside.

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South Dakota v. Wayfair

South Dakota V. Wayfair: Major E-commerce Ruling

The Supreme Court of the United States made a huge decision that will have a huge impact on the e-commerce sector. Jump in to learn more.

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legalities of paid amazon reviews

Amazon Paid Reviews: Against The Rules or A-OK?

Amazon's terms of service forbid incentivized reviews. But reviews fuel the platform, and online sellers say they're almost forced to break the rules.

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FTC files Suit Against ISO, Merchant Processor – FTC v. Electronic Payment Solutions of America, Inc., et al.

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Marketing Law: Negative Option Marketing

FTC Cracks Down On Negative Option Marketing

The Federal Trade Commission is responsible for policing marketing campaigns, and one thing they don't allow is negative option marketing schemes.

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Chicago Law Blog: FTC defense law

Gordon Law Files Counterclaim against FTC

Gordon Law filed a countersuit against the FTC on behalf of a successful online business. The action resulted in millions of the business' assets being unfrozen.

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