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Let’s talk esports intellectual property, which is a focal point of esports law. Merchandising and streaming are a giant part of the esports income formula. To that end, it’s important that such considerations are addressed in contracts and sponsorship agreements. Gamers must also take steps to protect their copyrights and trademarks from competitors and marketers looking to profit off other brands without authorization.

Below is a collection of articles related to esports intellectual property matters. We update our resource center regularly, so be sure to bookmark and check back often. If you’re ready to speak with an esports lawyer about an intellectual property matter, get in touch today. The risk free consultation is on us.

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Esports Law: Team Participation Agreements

Esports Law: Team Participation Agreements

Every professional esports athlete must sign a team participation agreement. Jump in to learn more about these contracts and their clauses.

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Esports Law: Industry Investment

Twenty-Four Esports Investor Tips

Esports is a booming industry that promises impressive profit potential over the next five years. So what do potential investors need to know about the space?

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Chicago Law Blog: G Fuel Lawsuit in Esports

Esports Energy Drink At Center Of Controversy

G Fuel is a popular energy drink in the esports world. The company was just hit with a product compliance lawsuit. Will it affect sponsored athletes?

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