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Since opening our doors years ago, we’ve focused on the best offshore tax positioning opportunities that allow our clients to stay compliant with Uncle Sam. We’ve helped clients disclose offshore assets, defend audits, and fight the Department of Justice in court.

Below is a compilation of articles looking at various aspects of offshore tax law. If you have questions on the topic, we hope you find answers within these pages. If not, or if you’re ready to speak with a tax law attorney about an offshore matter, get in touch today. The consultation is on us.

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ICO Law: SEC v. Kik

Will This SEC v. ICO Case Change The Game?

One of 2018's most successful ICOs, Kik, is in a legal tangle with the SEC. It's a lawsuit that could significantly change the regulatory game.

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Tax Law: FACTA US Canada bank account sharing agreement

FACTA Law: Canada's Sharing Accounts With U.S.

The Canadian and US governments are sharing citizen bank account data. Are you one of the millions affected and will it cost you more in taxes?

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Report Overseas Accounts or Face Criminal Charges

Do you have more than $10,000 in an overseas account at any point during 2018? If so, then you need to declare it in your tax filings. Here are the rules.

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Illinois tax lawyer: OVDP deadline

The OVDP Deadline Is Fast Approaching!

The Offshore Voluntary Disclosure Program is a tax amnesty opportunity for people who failed to comply with FBAR and FACTA standards. But it's ending.

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Lawyer Blog: FBAR

FBAR Violation

Taxpayers with overseas accounts with a cumulative total of $10,000 or more must adhere to FBAR reporting rules. Discussion of FBAR standards.

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Marshall Islands Flag to accompany blog post about the Marshall Island's new cryptocurrency

Pacific Nation Shuns Dollar For Crypto Token

The Marshall Islands have ditched the dollar in favor of a national cryptocurrency. Jump in to learn about the switch and our crypto law practice.

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Chicago Law Blog: Hiding assets from the IRS

Hiding Assets From The IRS: Penalties

Hiding assets from the Internal Revenue Service is never, ever a good idea. But if it happens, there are ways to come clean without incurring criminal penalties.

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Tax Law: Tax Benefits of Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico Tax Haven: Best For Internet Businesses

Looking for an ideal jurisdiction to move your online-based business? Seriously consider Puerto Rico. The tax benefits are significant for certain companies.

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Financial Law: Asset Protection Law

How to Preserve Your Wealth Before a Lawsuit

Having offshore accounts and trusts is not against the law, and many people use them to protect their assets. After the jump we review twp popular methods.

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